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New D200 user...

 I'm a film user...I have been for the past several years. In gaining more ground with clientele, I'm forced to go digital, so I purchased a Nikon D200, picked up the advance grip, and attached my Nikon 24 - 120 mm f/3.5 lens to it. The following pictures are the result of the first day using the camera, which I like...but nothign can replace my F4s I think.

I do know that I need a faster lens if I'm going to shoot these types of shots (racing)

Comments and critiques are always welcome, and any hints to give a new Nikon D200 user is always appreciated.

Yeah, that's me...Your's truly...

Lauren and Amber at the Sushi bar prior to the race...

Twilight Criterium Photographs...

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Welcome fellow new D200 user! I switched from my FG and FE2 in May (though I still use them a lot.) I like these pics, they're very good looking; I was wondering what shutter speed you were using on the motion shots; I think that's really the main issue with those. I've been able to catch a few good rapid motion shots on my 50mm 1.2 MF and my 50mm 1.8 AF shooting between 250 and 500. The curtain syncs to 250, and with the speeds you can pull off with that shutter and sensor around 100-200 ISO, you can get pretty crisp motion shots and still capture a lot of light. At least that's been my experience. :)